Seafile client 6.2.5 is ready! Support getting internal link

The changelog:

  • More robust deleting folder locally if it is deleted on the server
  • Show file modifier in cloud file browser
  • [fix, win] Fix avatar with jpg format can’t be displayed problem
  • Support getting internal link (need server CE or Pro edition 6.3.x)
  • [fix, Win] Fix support for some SSL CA

I have to admit that I’ve never used internal links because I’ve never understood what an internal link is about. Is someone out there who could explain me the difference between internal and “normal” share links?


@saljut7 This link is helpful if you have a lot of files inside Seafile, shared with other users and want to point directly to a specific file inside Seafile. You can send this link to other users (only those, who have an account inside Seafile) and it will open this specific file on the client - So you can edit the file on your PC.

A share link would only open it in the browser and is also public, the “internal link” can only be used by registered users.

I hope that helps.


It does. Would be great to see this in the official documentation.

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You are welcome to add this to the community manual.

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…community manual? Obviously Seafile CE works so good that I missed a lot of going on here (no reason to visit the forum). :slight_smile:

Edit: Community Manual - Looking for people to help (maintain)

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The version doesnt seem to get autoupdated via the client. If i check for new version manaully it says that im allready up2date.

Shouldnt the client update itself?

Hey @sfftw

please have a look at my last post: Difference between 6.1.8 and 6.2.5

You can update it manually.

Forgot to say: im on 6.2.4 so this shouldnt be it.

Can you please update your docker image?

@daniel.pan seems like verison 6.2.9 is the latest client. Is there a reason why the client 6.2.4 still reports “no new version avalible”?


same for 6.1.8, is also47 the latest
that hardly ever worked, all releases are beta ….