Seafile client 8.0.0 mac beta TLSv1.3 issue

There seems to be an issue with the seafile 8.0.0 mac client when using tls v1.3.
While the windows client (8.0.3) works flawlessly in a tls v1.3 only environment using nginx the mac client fails to connect. Is this issue known? I tried various nginx tls 1.3 configuration without any luck. The client applet log always shows SSL handshake failed when switching off v1.2.

Can anybody reproduce / confirm the issue?

@Jonathan is it using openssl as backend? SecureTransport will not support TLS 1.3 according to what I found (

We’ll look into the issue. Most likely a packaging problem. We use OpenSSL for TLS.

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Hi Jonathan

Firstly, fantastic product and very impressive speed.

The same issue “SSL Handshake failed” exists within SeaDrive Client Mac 2.0.12.

I believe the libssl.1.1.dylib within the client package does not support TLS 1.3.

Good news, openSSL 1.1.1 (API compatible with 1.1.0) does.

Could this be updated as well please? Otherwise my MAC clients cannot sync with SeaFile.

Hi guys,

any updates on this?

We’re still working on it. It’s a bit tricky since we have to switch from official Qt package to Qt from MacPorts. The official package doesn’t use OpenSSL so it cannot support TLS 1.3.

@Jonathan Does the new 8.0.2 client for mac include the MacPorts Qt package / TLS v1.3? Thanks for all the great work you guys are doing!

Sorry, but no. The packages from MacPorts doesn’t work when they’re packed into dmg. We have to look for other ways.

Any update on this?