Seafile client auto sync not working

Running kubuntu 19.04 with the latest install of seafile-gui version is 6.2.11 from the official repository.

Everything works fine, except for the automatic sync. This only happens on 1 of 3 computers that are running kubuntu 19.04.

It is also the only computer where I use i3 wm. Seafile runs and does it initial background sync and after that it nevers does an automatic sync again on neither of the 2 servers connected. If I click the sync button in the top of the app it will also not detect any changes, however when I right click the library itself and choose sync now, it starts syncing like it is supposed to do. But again it doesn’t seem to detect changes afterwards anymore.

This happens on seafile CE 6.3.4, seafile CE 7.0.5 and on seafile pro 6.3.9