Seafile-Client Compile - How to create a deb package


i compiled a client for my pi. Based on build_seafile. Which is working great.
PS: Just do this at the end:

 choose a folder where to store the seafile client settings e.g ~/seafile-client
mkdir ~/seafile-client            # create the settings folder
seaf-cli init -d ~/seafile-client  # initialise seafile client with this folder
seaf-cli start

So i did the test/ build on my pi3 - test pi. I need it for my pi 2 even i could share the deb files then if someone need it. But i don’t know how it works. I checked the internet, sure but it doesn’t make really sense for me.

I could need a little help.



Come on. Someone.

Can’t you use the packages from the unstable branch of the official Debian distribution?
They should be available for the Raspberry PI ARM architectures:


How cool is that! I didn’t know that there are plans to bring seafile to official debian! I just saw that it is even in stretch-backports already!

Looks like you (@schlarbm) are part of the team that takes care about bringing it to debian. Thanks a lot!!

Cheers, Bernie_O



How can i add this?

If you are running debian stretch - have a look at the instructions here to install seafile-cli from stretch-backports:

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I don’t get it.

So, how can i install seafile now?

I added like you said or the link said

So, i’m on jessie. Everything is added and updated etc.
I tried to install like this
sudo apt-get -t jessie-backports install seafile-daemon
and the “normal” way
sudo apt-get install seafile-daemon
doesn’t work.
Or is it only for stretch available?

Pls, grab my hand and show me the way.



That won’t work. seafile-cli is available in stretch-backports, but not in jessie-backports:
To use stretch-backports you need to upgrade to stretch first. Sorry.

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That’s not entirely true - the packages would probably even work on Jessie still.
We’re working on providing updated backports for all the current releases.


I tried to get the update. Just VPN wasn’t working after the update from jessie to stretch.
But i need it at the moment. Don’t have time to get this sorted and all the client’s.
Anyway, i switched back to my backup.

I think i give it another round. Compiling etc. or can i download the deb packages somewhere?



Click on your architecture on the bottom of that webpage:
…and then choose a server.
Be aware that you need to install the dependencies (listed on that webpage) as well.

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