Seafile-client conflicting with seafile-server?

on my way trying to debug seafdav operation I was going to install seafile-client 8.0.7 in order to be working with seafile-server 9.0.5. But no, got the message:

Installed packages to be REMOVED:
	seafile-server: 9.0.5
	seahub: 9.0.5

New packages to be INSTALLED:
	seafile-client: 7.0.9

That is clearly not the way to go. So my second approach was to build it from source but no, not gonna work:

seafile-client-8.0.7 conflicts with installed package(s):
They will not build together.

AFAIK 8.0.7 is the most recent client release. What is the deal here?

Some specs: FreeBSD 13.1, Seafile 9.0.5, Seahub 9.0.5, SeafDAV 9.0.2, python38-3.8.13, django32-3.2.13, nginx/1.20.2

Thanks for any help in advance.