Seafile client does not allow to use encrypted libs for sync

A user just wanted to know how to sync files into an encrypted lib. I tried to use an encrypted lib for upload and I got all non encrypted libs presented to select for upload but the encrypted lib was missing :frowning: Is this a bug in the seafile client or is this a not supported scenario?

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Not an issue here. Using latest version 6.0.6 it lists all my encrypted libraries and upload via cloud file browser works just fine.
Have you checked the ‘My Libraries’ group on the client? Not just the ‘Recently Updated’ one?

Thank you very much for your reply. I just noticed I didn’t mention the user wants to use the special Android client media (picture and video) sync feature. ‘Normal’ sync for encrypted libraries works perfect.

Yes you are right it’s not possible with the android app. Also waiting for this feature :slight_smile:
There is already a post about that: Photo upload and encryption

Thank you very much for the link. I frankly didn’t find it :-(. I also added my comment there