Seafile-Client does not sync. Status "abbruch = abort"

Hi everybody,

I have a very strange seafile problem. I have a seafile server 6.3.2 CE with ubuntu 18.04 and nginx that troubles me a lot. I can login, I can up- and download files via seahub but I can not sync via seafile client.

Please have a view on the following screenshots:

I can create an account within the client. Then I see the libraries of my user but after I tried to “sync a library” it shows me: “abbrechen” (I would translate to “abort”) and nothing happens. There is not sync.
My local log files show:

  • too many redirects for https://filesync.****/uniquesgfb87…?referrer=/InternalSite/InternalError.asp&site_name=portal2&secure=1&error_code=20&policy_id=&ErrorType=HTMLErrorPage
  • ListReposRequest: failed to parse json: ‘[’ or ‘{’ expected near ‘<’

In addition I checked all seafile logs and nginx logs but there is nothing that gives a hint. It seams that the requests did not reach the seafile server. Probably a hint: the server is located in a huge company network with a sophisticated firewall in front. On the other hand I am quite sure that the firewall admins know how to implement a NAT for Port 80 and 443.

The nginx configuration is just standard. Proxy_pass with seafile in the root directory and nothing special.

Does anybody has an idea what to do or where to look?

Best regards

I had a similiar problem a long time ago, but can not remember any specifics.

This message is the key to your problem. When the client asks the server to list it repos it does not get valid jason code but something beginning with ‘<’ which most likely is an HTML (error?) page.

Possible problems:

  • Client queries an incorrect URL
  • Server is misconfigured and responds with an HTML error page and not the requested data
  • Some “transparent” proxy is injecting itself into the connection but does not relay the data correctly

Just my two euro cents.


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