Seafile client for Android does not contain contacts sync anymore, is this by intention?

Hi all,
After I upgraded Seafile client for Android, I discovered that it does not contain contacts sync anymore, is this by intention?

I also reinstalled it again, but I can not find the contacts sync in the settings anymore.

Android: 8.0
AppVersion: 2.2.6

Seafile has - AFAIK - never provided a contact sync function. If anything, it provided a contact backup function.

On my iPhone, I find the backup function in the settings (current app version installed). On my Android tablet, I give you that, I don’t find it anymore.

yes you are right, I ment backup function… but this is cherry picking imho.
But as for your reply: this is strange. I had that function on the cell phone, I am 100% sure.
I do not have it installed on the tablet.

But: where is it gone?

In iOS client ver 2.8.3 also “contact backup” option is missing.

Found this on github

github . com / haiwen / seafile-iOS / commit / 6e68c25bcd5b751fb164692cf4f861ddfaedde8c

Looks like this feature was removed by intention.

Would be very good to have this option back in next version.

I’m sorry this feature is removed and will not be maintained anymore. This feature did not work well and we decided to remove the feature instead of keeping the not-work-well feature.

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It’s a pity, I used this feature to backup contacts regularly and I did not have any problems. In addition, thanks to one of the copies I recovered contacts after a phone failure.

Anyway, I’d like the contact backup to appear sometime in the future in the iOS client.