Seafile Client for Windows v6.0.0 on MS Terminal Server not working?


I’m running Seafile Server v5.1.3 on a Microsoft Server 2016 machine. Different users are successfully connected via Seafile Clients for Windows v6.0.0 from different PCs and via the most recent Android client. Everything’s fine, everybody’s happy so far.

However, I also have a MS Server 2012 r2 machine in my LAN configured as a Terminal Server (TS). I’ve also installed the Seafile Client for Windows v6.0.0 on the TS and first successfully connected one user A to the Seafile Server. The client synced the selected Libraries and file modifications from a different PC to such Lib were updated on the TS and via versa. Again: Everything’s fine, everybody’s happy.

Next, a different user B logged on the TS, connected to her libs and synced them locally on the TS, but:

  • The Seafile client of user A stopped now syncing and the nice green symbol of the libs switched to an orange cloud.
  • When I manually synced the lib it remained at the status “fetch”.
  • Instead, opening the Seafile-Documentbrowser from the client I see those files which have been modified by a distant PC and were not synced on the TS by user A.
  • However, when I completely stopped the Seafile client of user B and forced a reconnection to the libs of user A he now has syncing again.

Question 1: is my notion correct that the Seafile Client for Windows v6.0.0 does not correctly work on a MS TS when different users are logged in and try to use the Client?

Question 2: is there a trick/patch or whatever available to use the Seafile Client for Windows on a multi-user TS infratstructure?

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Yes. Seafile client for Windows doesn’t work for different users using simultaneously.

Open the logs folder, then go to the parent folder, their is a ccnet.conf. In this file, there is

PORT = 13419

For each user, change this to a different value.

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Thank you very much for your answer and - sorry - for my late reply. In the meanwhile I did it the way you suggested and indeed now different users can use Seafile on a TS simultaneously.

However, such solution works on a small amount of people using the TS - if you have to deal with a few hundreds of users, Seafile unfortunately will be not the first choice. Maybe one day the Seafile developer team will re-program the client so this issue does not exists anymore. Let’s hope :slight_smile:

Greetings and thanks again,


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The drive client (0.6.0) will support to be used on MS terminal server natively without modification.

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I am waiting full of tension and with joyful hope for the version 0.6.0 - may it come as soon as possible :slight_smile: