Seafile Client has issues with SSL Cert Self signed

I’m using Seafile in my local network, successful so far, with a self signed certificate.
I’m moving from Ubuntu 20.04 to Ubuntu 21.10 and have issues (while it’s still working for 20.04). I’m using the standard client coming with ubuntu 21.10, which is version 7.0.10-3.
When connecting to the server he will tell me my cert is not valid and I accept it manually (as usual). Then the client is showing me my repositories available to sync and I can select to sync them. Then I get an error, saying:
“Can’t establish a secure connection. Please check the SSL Cert on the server.”
Is this a known issue? How can I solve it?
Thank you for any help!

Found it myself, need to tick ignore the server certificate for https synchronisations