Seafile client - oauth

Hi there,

Does seafile client support oauth authentication? When I click on the “single sign on” button on the client (seafile windows client 6.1.8), I get an error and it seems to look for Shibboleth.

Still, I configured oauth on my server and it works great on the website.


You have to import your cookies or sign in before.

Have you tried the newest 6.2.13 pro?

This fix wiil enable client OAuth login.

I currently use seafile 6.2.5 community version.

When I click Single Sign On, the next windows title is: Login with Shibboleth. It is now even trying for oauth.

If you are using community version, please try Seafile CE 6.3.

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Hi @Sebastien_Ruel,

Did you solved your issue with the 6.3 seafile client ?


Hi @lian,

You’re rocking, running the 6.3 solve the issue for the desktop client.
Is there any roadmap for solving the same issue on Android clients ?


Of course it is : Android client with Oauth user