Seafile client on android constantly crashes

I’ve just set up a seafile server in my local network on my raspberry pi 3 (wireless network).
Everything works just fine, except the automatic camera upload function. If I activate this feature, the seafile android client on my smartphone (samsung galaxy s5 mini) constantly crashes after uploading a bunch of images.
What’s the matter with that?

Tanks in advance

Can you generate a log for the crash?

It is the same for me (Sony Xperia Z3 - latest ROM). I have submitted Crash Reports via Google Play. Are these available to you?

Thanks. We will check the crash report.

By the way, I’ve also submitted the crash report via Google Play.
I’ve noticed, that it also crashes when switching/browsing folders…

This also happens for me on the IOS (2.5.5) client.
Automatic upload uploads at most 4-5 pictures then it crashes.

My Iphone 6 runs extremely slow and gets hot when automatic sync is in progress.

Some time it also brings down spotify when it crashes, meaning that if i have a song playing it will stop playing when seafile crashes and the song is removed from the queue.

Worth mentioning is that i started with about 1500 pictures to sync and now i’am down to 500 and have restarted the app like 300 times.

Can you give this new version a try?

I’ve just tried the linked version. Unfortunately the client keeps on crashing, although it seems a little bit better (the time intervals between the crashes seem a bit bigger).


Im having the same issue. I have submitted a few error reports to the play store.

Ive also tried on a few different android models, all with the same result, “seafile has stopped”. It does, however, upload all pictures eventually.

I tried the proposed apk above without much of a difference in performance.