Seafile Client (on Mac) not able to add/list library

OSX 10.14.6
Seafile Client 7.0.2
Seafile Server 7.0.4

Problem: Adding a library fails with “Network error: SSLRead failed: -9841”

Log file:
[08/26/19 17:00:34][network detector] resetting the qt network access manager
[08/26/19 17:00:46]ServerStatusService: ignore request for host “servername”
[08/26/19 17:00:46][network detector] got a network failure: 99
[08/26/19 17:00:46][api] network error for servername/seafile/api2/auth-token/: SSLRead failed: -9841

(exchanged actual server name for “servername”)

Steps taken:

  • disabled firewall
  • switched between wifi and ethernet connection
  • reinstalled client
  • toggled “check SSL certificate” in settings
  • checked, whether SSL certificate is valid (it is)
  • restarted server
  • tested on windows: Works without problem

I read that Apple has made some changes to their secure transport layer, but I thought Seafile would have adapted in the newer versions. Maybe it’s some other case.

Maybe someone has a hint here, would be great, otherwise Seafile just became obsolete on my macs… :frowning:


Did anyone get the 7.0.2 client to connect to their library on a mac? It does not work on two of my devices, unfortunately.