Seafile client sharing same base library

During installation of seafile client, I would like to pint the seafile folder to a same folder in a network.
So far I can only do it for one user, the other users will have my library~1, my library~2.
The reason is all involved users will dump their files in that folder.
Is there an alternative?


What do you mean exactly? It’s a bit confusing. So I think you wan’t to have collaborated libraries. You can do this easily by creating a group, and making all participans to admins. Then everyone in this group can create new Libaries and edit existing, you don’t need the network folder anymore, it’s much easier by using seafile. Write if this is not what you mean.

I have setup one seafile client in a notebook pointing to \server1\projectA. as my library folder
Now I proceed to setup other users and also point them to \server1\projectA but seafile created another folder called my library1, my library 2 and so on.

I need all to be in the same library.

Ok you wan’t to have the same libary for all synced with the same folder? Create Group XYZ, and create a libary “projectA” into. Then can put the other users into the group and then they can sync the libary with a existing folder, when they want, with \server1\projectA. But be careful, you could get many SFConflit files.

My Advice: If you want a Real-Time Backup and acces for others on the network folder, you could use Seaf-Fuse and rsync the libary with the network folder. Then erveryone could create their own folder to sync in and share it over the libary in the group. SeaFUSE is just read-only, so you have to save changes in the seafile libary, or it won’t work.