Seafile client (ubuntu) takes (too) many INotify watchers


I was running into a problem that I could no longer open some tools such as VS Code. I ran a script found on

the result:
Inotify watches count | instances per process | PID | User | COMMAND

36871 | 2 | 322291 | user | /usr/bin/seaf-daemon -c /home/user/.ccnet -d /home/user/Seafile/.seafile-data -w /home/user/Seafile

When I quit seafile client I can open vs code and then I can start seafile client again. From then on everything works fine except that when I run the script again, still seafile comes up with many watchers.

What can I do?

bumping since I still have this issue and I’m not sure what to do about it.

Have you tried increasing the inotify limit?

So I added 20.000 watchers. Not sure if that is overkill and what it does for my system but yes, this works. is my source of executing this increment.

But If you would have some feedback on what it means for my system that would be nice. And why is seafile causing this nr to be so large?