Seafile client (ubuntu) takes (too) many INotify watchers


I was running into a problem that I could no longer open some tools such as VS Code. I ran a script found on

the result:
Inotify watches count | instances per process | PID | User | COMMAND

36871 | 2 | 322291 | user | /usr/bin/seaf-daemon -c /home/user/.ccnet -d /home/user/Seafile/.seafile-data -w /home/user/Seafile

When I quit seafile client I can open vs code and then I can start seafile client again. From then on everything works fine except that when I run the script again, still seafile comes up with many watchers.

What can I do?

bumping since I still have this issue and I’m not sure what to do about it.

Have you tried increasing the inotify limit?