Seafile Client: Warn when storing library on shared filesystem

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we want to propose a feature in the Seafile Client (possibly configurable on the server like DISABLE_SYNC_WITH_ANY_FOLDER) that warns users when they want to sync a library that is stored on a shared filesystem (e.g. NFS or a Windows Network Drive).

See also Uploading large files to *one* library fails for one possible problem when doing so ;-).

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I second this feature request.

Recently a group of my customers reported massive problems syncing libraries, but only a few computers were affected. But instead of asking me for help directly, the tried to circumvent the problem by using other programs because »Seafile is unreliable« (cited literally).

After I come to know the problem, it was easy to solve: After moving the Seafile base folder to a local drive all problems vanished. But I fear that there might be more users with similar problems, that will not contact me and abandon using Seafile at all.

A check during installation if the Seafile base folder is located on a local drive and at least an explicit warning would prevent this. But perhaps it would be even better, that the client would refuse to use a base folder on shared drives.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I think the problem only presents on Linux. We’ve already have this check on Windows. We’ll add this to our next release.


That’s great, thanks!