Seafile Client Windows - Shell Icon Overlay


would it be possible to change the registry entry for the ShellIconOverlyIdentifiers for the Seafile Client in Windows?

The Problem I sometimes have, it there are some other Overlay Icons installed (e.g. Dropbox, OneDriver, SkyDrive, …), then maybe the Seafile Icons are not shown any more. The cause is, that Windows uses only the first 15 of the entries in the registry

Seafile already inserts one space in front of the name:
ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers\ ".SeafileIconNormal"
but e.g. Dropbox insterts three spaces, so the dropbox icons are always ranked higher. I have changed the Seafile entries manual by adding four spaces in front:
ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers\ ".SeafileIconNormal"
Note: There are 4 spaces in front of the icon name, but the site only shows one.

But a update of the client also inserts the normal Seafile entries again, so I have now every entry doubled.
Would it be possible to insert by default four spcaes in front of the seafile entries?

Best regards!

well yes, but this will help only about 2 weeks, cause this will happen:
seafile switches to 4, then dropbox with its almost biweekly release schedule will switch to 5,
and after the next reboot you will miss the icons again

unfortunately, this gives us only two options, that work more or less automated:

  • someone writes a script to bump the seafile icons daily when they are no longer within the top 15 overlays
    (which is kind of hard considering seafile itself uses 14 for seafile and seadrive combined)
  • uninstall dropbox and all other cloud sync apps

If dropbox is really looking on the seafile client installation, then inserting more spaces makes no sense.
I have prepared my own little script, that inserts the icons with seafile with many spaces :slight_smile:
For me this is not such a big problem, as I am only the seafile “admin” for about 10 client installations in the family.

can you let us see how you wrote the script file?

I use a bat/cmd srcipt to export the actual values to a *.reg file
then edit this file → add some spaces in front of the seafile icons
save the *.reg file and reimport (by double clicking) it again.

The command file contains following line:

regedit /e %CD%\overlay-list.reg HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers

This works well for me :slight_smile: