Seafile, Collabora and management of simultaneous changes (lock/notification ?)


I currently investigate about Seafile as a potential solution for
sharing files between several physical sites of an association. As a
current Owncloud home user, I have some knowledge about this kind of
solution, but I am no expert.

Several users, located on site A or site B, may
simultaneously access to the same file (mainly spreadsheet files, using
Excel), possibly for applying changes to it. Simultaneous changes shall
not lead to losing data changes made by any user. We therefore need
either a solution that allows users to make changes simultaneously
(~Google Sheets) or at least a solution that notifies user2 that user1
already uses the file.

Combining Seafile Server & Sync software and Collabora seems
appealing. I intend to setup a VM for testing that solution. In the meantime, does someone know whether I can expect the upper solution
(Seafile+Collabora+Sync client) to be satisfying regarding the
simultaneous file changes problem?

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You should read an post comments to this thread : Seafile + Collabora
It seems that we have the same wish (alternative to google docs/drive, with concurrent editing)