Seafile + Collabora simultaneous edit


What is the expected behaviour in the following situation:

There is an integration between Seafile and Collabora on premises and it is working fine. ODT files can be edited in Collabora. Let’s assume, that user A opens an ODT file with LibreOffice. A lock file gets uploaded to the server and when user B tries to open same file in LibreOffice, he gets a message, that the file is locked by user A, so far everything is working as it should. But now comes user C, who opens same ODT file in the web interface (Collabora), makes some changes and saves the file. After that user A also saves the file and the result is a conflict.

Is there a way to resolve this or I would need to disable the editing of ODT files?


One related question - what is the behaviour of OnlyOffice in same situation? I have the feeling most people prefer it to Collabora.