Seafile + Collabora

Hi @daniel.pan ,

Now managing to edit files with collabora trough seafile, i have a more interesting question.

I noticed that if one (docx) file is opened by two differnt users from seafile, some buggy behaviours occurs.

Sometimes, the file does not open in collabora (grey window with cursor). You have to quit the file, quit the folder and click on the file many times to open it clearly in collabora.

The updates of one user are cleared by the updates of another user (no merge).
I wonder if you can have concurrent (synchronous merge) editing between seafile and collabora.
It seemes that Seafile remembers the last logged in user and creates a new version (see the history) when savinbg in collabora that erases the last updates of the other user.

Am I right ? Is there any way to enhance the behaviour. For the moment, it’s quite dangerous to use it in a parallel way, because some data seems to be lost.

Assuming that parallel editing is complicated by the version management of seafile (which you may confirm or not), the only way to prevent data loss is to use the locking feature from the web UI.
But, as users may not unlock files they edited, is there any option to unlock files automatically, like there is for Office Automatic locking from the client (see this thread :, and to set a shorter delay than 12 hours?