Seafile community restrictions?


Currently having to back up several tera.

I would like to know restrictions about seafile community editions:

  • number of sync clients allowed
  • max clients (web or sync)
  • max file or directory size
  • max file or directory number
  • possibility to use gallera cluster
  • possibility to use memcache (or redis)
  • possibility or not to cluster servers …

Does not have any budget for the moment (have to wait a year to move to pro edition)
Perhaps my best bet is to install several servers



Hi Stephane,

  • seafile community is not limited to clients, files, directory or storage.
  • also memcache could be used on seafile community.
  • as far as I know it is also possible to use a gallera cluster as long as you use a load balancer like haproxy to access the database-cluster
  • but it is NOT possible to build a seafile cluster with seafile community.
    Best regards

I remember a post here stating Max files in one library. Please recheck that

I guess you are referring to Daniel’s post about a file number limit of 100.000 in one library.

Three things (@shoeper: thanks for point out that this is not a technical limit) :
1.) This is a recommendation, not a limit.
2.) This is a general recommendation, not a recommendation for CE.
3.) The recommendation applies only to a single library, the Seafile server is not file number limited.

Also that is no limit he just recommended to not add more than 100k files to a library. I have a library with 246k files which works fine for a few years now and is heavily changed from time to time.

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There’s no file search available in the Web UI on the community edition

Glad, you mention it … again. :slight_smile:

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Isn’t there a limit of 50 Drive clients in CE or was that removed?

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