Seafile "Connecting Server"/"Waiting for Sync"?

Hiya, so I’ve been running a pretty stable SeaFile server for the last little while, but only tonight has it started throwing issues. Any device I try to sync files with the Seafile Client to the server with, results in either the “Waiting for Sync” issue on a device with the library already synced, or “Connecting Server”, on a device without a the library synced. Both devices are known working with SeaFile, and I’ve only been seeing this issues tonight.

I’m running the server through No-IP, and I can still access the files through either the client’s cloud browser, or a web browser.

Oh, forgot to mention. I’m running a Windows Seafile server, and trying to sync to a Mac Seafile Client, and a Windows Seafile Client.

Edit: I’ve tried reinstalling Seafile from scratch on the server. No luck.

Edit 2: I have the logs if anyone needs them.

Edit 3: Disregard this entire post. Windows Firewall was blocking Port 8082. Don’t do Firewall kids.