Seafile Custom.css and desktop custom logo

Good Day,

I have installed Seafile server pro with docker on a production centos 7 server.

I am busy with the customization of everything before we commence the trial with the client’s pc’s.

Im trying to customize the colors for the web portal as well as change the color and logo of the desktop client.

I uploaded the green custom.css to the custom folder where all other logo’s etc is as well as a small logo for the desktop client.

The following lines I have placed in the file.

DESKTOP_CUSTOM_LOGO = ‘/opt/seafile-data/seafile/seahub-data/custom/arcloud-desktop.png’

BRANDING_CSS = ‘custom/custom.css’

the first line the desktop custom logo was ‘custom/arcloud-desktop.png’

as it did not work or do anything I tried the full path but it still does nothing.

the desktop custom brand does work and shows the name now in the desktop client.

But the branding css and the desktop custom logo is not working or reflecting any changes.

Can someone please guide me in the direction I need to move to fix this, please.

Thank you,


When I inspect the admin portal it shows this :

#link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css” href="/media/custom/custom.css" /#

I then in edit the custom css link to /media/custom/custom.css

after restart and I inspect it then it change to :

#link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css” href="/media//media/custom/custom.css" /#

but the site still looks like the normal website no broken css or anything.

So this tells me that the system is able to read the file and get to the css settings but
its over written from somewhere else.

But where ?

So I take it seafile is dead and not the correct software to sell to clients.

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Are you asking for custom support without a support license? Tool.

And are you reselling GPL software with different branding to try and make it not look like Seafile? And you’re asking the developers to help you do this? Man, I gotta tell the Scarecrow he has to wait, you need the brain!

You are right, at least with some points. But one does not call names in a community. Just don’t do it.

The css code and branding feature could be way better and other software allows rebranding for free for personal or non commercial use. The only thing keeping me and many other people attached to Seafile is its almost flawless synch algorithm. The whole package that it provides is the same as years ago. It could be so much more.

You have no idea what the hell your talking about. The client knows its seafile, the branding is for the clients own company not my company. They want to buy 30 users but is not yet sure if it is going to handle their 4 TB data as they have had lots of issues with sharepoint. I suggested seafile, because I don’t have brain, I told them it can be re-branded, what an idiot move by me. If you don’t have any constructive answer then why do you even comment ?

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It can be rebranded but requires manual work in the css file. Logo can also be changed, as well as the logo in the client’(Pro only).

Hi DerDanilo,

Im prepared to make the changes in the CSS files. Running it in Docker I went inside the docker image,

The css folder seems to be at the following location inside the Docker Image :


So I copied all the contents of that folder to host /opt/seafile-css

Then I added this to the docker image run :

-v /opt/seafile-css:/seafile-pro-server-6.2.10/seahub/media/css \

But if I then edit any of the css files like seahub.css no changes are being made.

I just need help to know either how to properly map the css outside the docker image, or where to start and what to edit.

to test this I deleted all the css files inside the docker image, but then I just get an error when opening the webportal. as follows :

Page unavailable
Sorry, but the requested page is unavailable due to a server hiccup.

Our engineers have been notified, so check back later.

Is there anyone with some real help on this?

You will need to add a softlink in seafile-server-latest/seahub/media

ln -s …/…/…/seahub-data/custom .

Just like the avatar softlink pointing to seahub-data folder.

I think it will be a good idea for Seafile team to add a softlink with blank custom.css file.