Seafile daemon not starting

Hi folks.
I’m running seafile server on ubuntu (version 6.3.4) and I managed to connect via app from Android.
From linux I’m unable to connect with a different PC wtih Arch and seafile client
Seafile deamon fails to start and in the log I see this:

[09/28/18 18:47:11] seaf-daemon.c(491): starting seafile client 6.2.5
[09/28/18 18:47:11] seafile-session.c(382): client id = 2e98acd... client_name = xxx
[09/28/18 18:47:11] seaf-daemon.c(514): Failed to start searpc server.

ccnet is correctly running and listening on port 10001.
Any hint?

I found myself a solution and report it for future referece: the problem was that my seafile-data folder was placed in an exFat filesystem, and the socket used by the daemon was not working.
Simply reconfiguring it to use a folder in a regular ext4 filesystem solved the issue.