Seafile daemon - syncing only selective files & subfolders - how?

I’m using Seafile daemon on Ubuntu 22.04 and 23.10,
syncing works for one library, for now I made 2 symlinks for 2 folders I wanted to sync in my library. However, I’d have to recreate all symlink on other machines to get the same structure.
So, I’d like to map my home folder to my library, but then, sync only selected folders (like Documents, Pictures and some config folders),
How to do it?
I don’t see any options to configure sub-folders in documentation help .seafile .com /syncing_client/linux-cli/
or in config files (in ~/.ccnet or ~/.seafile-client/seafile-data)

You can exclude files by listing them in seafile-ignore.txt, but that’s probably not going to do what I think you want. Seafile shouldn’t sync your entire home directory (~), but select directories inside of it. Getting all the ignores setup correctly for syncing home would be tricky.

For example a lot of dot files can have problems if their associated program is open on both machines at the same time while being synced. And in my case I don’t want my work files synced to my laptop, but do want my programming projects synced there. I don’t want the work computer getting a copy of all the photos from my phone, etc. The usual seafile way is to keep several libraries, each for a different function, and then for each machine decide which it should sync.