Seafile data folder on a davfs2 mount


I have two questions about my setup.
Currently, here is how I have things working:

  • NAS contains a Cryptomator vault
  • Docker container on NAS mounts the vault and makes it available on the network using WebDAV
  • WebDAV vault is mounted on a server as a drive
  • Seafile data folder is located on that drive

Everything is working right now, but one of the problems with using WebDAV is that files need to be cached. That cache is on the local drive of my server, and it keeps growing. Does that mean that either the Seafile client or server is keeping all the files open somewhere? I have about 3 TB to upload, obviously I can’t have a cache of that size.

My second question is about long filenames. Another limitation of davfs2 is the limit on filenames (255 - 7 characters due to the cache from what I’ve noticed). I have many long filenames that I’ll have to deal with, but how does Seafile handle errors being thrown by the underlying filesystem when uploading? And in the case of having overlong filenames from a Windows system (> 255 characters), how are those handled from the client side?

Thank you!