Seafile DataStorage on NAS - ISCSI, NFS or what else?


my seafile server is virtualized via virtualbox. At the moment I have two virtual hdds, one for the system and one for the seafile-data. This is because (on my physical PC) the system hdd is placed on a small ssd, the seafile-data are placed on a RAID 1 of 2 HDDs.
I plan to replace my home storage systsem with a new NAS. On the NAS I want to store all seafile-data and the seafile-server is still virtualized. What is the best way to give the seafile server access to the data? ISCSI and mount the seafile-data folder? or NFS?
Does anybody try such a structure?

The picture below should show the future and requried structure of my system!

That’s exactly how we did run seafile: seafile server runs virtualized (ESXi) and seafile data lies on a NAS connected via NFS. Works perfectly! Don’t know whether there are (dis)advantages using iSCSI or something else.

Sounds good. And the NAS have a good support for the block based write cycles of Seafile?

Don’t know. It’s a standard 5 bay Qnap consumer NAS and runs for >2 years with seafile without problems.

Oh, seems to be a similar NAS I will get :slight_smile: Thanks for your review :wink:

I know that this post is already quiet old, but NFS has limits when it comes to millions of files. It is just horrible slow. If you have huge Seafile systems I’d not recommend to use NFS as storage backend. Rather go for Ceph/S3/S3 compatible storage.