Seafile desktop client 6.1.0 is ready! UI improvement and several long term bug fixes

We are glad to announce that Seafile client 6.1.0 is ready. We spent some time to fix some long pending small bugs. The UI of the main window is also improved. The full changelog is below:

  • [fix] Fix a bug that library name will be changed back when it is changed in the server
  • [fix] Fix a bug that uploading progress exceeding 100%.
  • [fix] Fix selectively synced subfolder disappear after logout and login again
  • [fix] Fix an issue when uploading a deep empty folder like “A/B/C”
  • Use new library icons
  • [fix] Fix showing of avatars
  • [fix] Improve UI in Windows with high DPI screens
  • Only allow https for Shibboleth login
  • Clean unused logs in applet.log
  • Remove the function of map a synced library as a network drive
  • [fix, mac] Popup a notification after user clicking the “Check new version” button in about dialog if the current version is the latest version
  • Change default block size to 8MB

You can download the latest version from Auto-upgrade will be available within a few days.


Great, thank you for this new version.

Remove the function of map a library to a network drive

Why did you remove this feature?

Change default block size to 8MB

Why has this been changed?

From our experience, it causes confusing. People want to use network drive feature can use the drive client.

This reduces number of blocks at the server side.

Hello Daniel,

I’ve the problem, that the custom logo is not showing in the desktop client (Windows).


Does this only occur to the new version 6.1.0?

I don’t think so, but I don’t have checked it before. :frowning:

What if a user uses CentOS or Fedora? He can not use seadrive. Please bring the option back or publish RPM binaries.

The Finder icons seem to be missing in this version. Is Finder Sync broken?

Also, my avatars still don’t load, but I am now getting this in the log file:

logs/applet.log:[08/02/17 15:43:05][api] network error for Connection refused

Mapping a synced library as a network drive only work for Windows. Nothing is changed for Linux.

Finder sync stopped working here already some versions ago, don’t know why. Applet.log shows setDockIconStyle show failure, status code: -50

Any ETA for a RPM binary? It’s needed very much and the lack of it is making me move back to Nextcloud.

hm, but now, 1 month later, I still get this:

Hi Daniel
Just wanted to let you know that icons still look “pixelated” in Windows on a high dpi screen…