Seafile Desktop Client only starts under default Administrator

Hi there,

I am pretty new to seafile, but I hope I will be able to provide all necessary Information to give you all the base for a helpfull reply :slight_smile:

One of my users is experiencing a problem when running the seafile desktop client (Version 6.2.7) for Windows on a user account other than the default administrator. Here is the logged error message:

[11/24/18 06:34:59]seafile rpc is not ready after 16 retry, abort

[11/24/18 07:03:32]Fehler beim Initialisieren des Seafile-Clients 

[11/24/18 07:03:32][Daemon Mgr] stopping seafile daemon

[11/24/18 07:03:32]Seafile daemon process exited normally with code 62097 

Other user of the windows desktop client do not experience any problems, so this seems to be a specific problem of this users windows machines. As googling the error message did not bring up anything helpful aside from a quite similar message concerning the drive client I turned here to look for some help.

Has anyone seen this message on a Seafile Desktop Client installation?
Any tips on what to check on the windows client?

I am grateful for any help.

About the server:
I have a freshly installed seafile server (version 6.3.4) running via https.
Client and server connect over the internet.

Best Regards

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