Seafile desktop syncing client 6.0.0 is ready! Add remote wipe support and a few fixes

The changelog:

  • [fix] Fix a conflict problem with ESET anti-virus program
  • Fix client name and add client version in modification history
  • Add remote wipe support
  • [fix] Fix sub-folder permission support

You can download from


The “Organization” group is still here, instead of “Shared with everyone” like in seahub. It’s a great usability improvement, I’d like to see it in the client too.

Thanks for your work!

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Is the repo for Linux users providing the new client already as well?
I tried to upgrade but there was no new package (which could be a problem on my side as well).

It’s normal to see a delay of the update of seafile client linux packages. Ubuntu ppa is built by launchpad which is synced automatically on a daily basis, and the debian apt repo runs on travis ci.

For now the ubuntu ppa has been updated. The apt repo for debian should be updated later today.


I have a problem with the 6.0 client under Ubuntu 16.10.

Since the update to the 6.0 client, the client window and fonts, etc. are huge and are too big to be displayed on the screen. (i have a 13.3" 1920x1080 screen).

Any chance you can fix this?

What is the previous “good version” you’re using?

Ubuntu 16.10 ships Qt 5.6, which provides native HDPI support. so if you set any environment variables like QT_DEVICE_PIXEL_RATIO for qt HDPI support, you should remove them.

Nope, i checked…that variable isn’t set.
The one before which hasn’t had the problem was the last of vers. 5 i think 5.1.4.

Any Ideas?

Check .

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