Seafile Docker Pro best configure for Seafile.conf

We have 5 customers using Seafile Docker Pro and 1 of them has 5.1 TB data. We want to syn this data as quick as possible. I’ve read manual and find out could change some parameter in Seafile.conf to make my Seafile server better.
Our server: 16 core, 16 GB Ram, 12 TB SSD, 1Gb internet.
We’ve configured Seafile.conf like this:

port = 8082
max_sync_file_count = 3000000
fs_id_list_request_timeout = 1800
use_go_fileserver = true
worker_threads = 30
max_indexing_threads = 20
max_index_processing_threads= 10

How can I have best configure for Seafile.conf with our server? Is there any basis to rely on the server configuration to adjust the parameters in the file Seafile.conf? Thanks!