Seafile Drive client 0.3.1 is ready on download page!

You can download it here:


  • Fix link for license terms
  • Use new system tray icon
  • Add notification for cross-libraries file move

With more users participate in testing, we will push it to version 1.0 soon.

For commercial consideration, our currently decision is: for community edition, a single server can connect up to 50 drive clients. The pro edition is without this limitation. Thanks for understanding.


will the client be released open-source?
please say yes.

dealing with binary packages and their library dependencies under linux is cumbersome.

Sorry we don’t have plan to open source this client for the moment. Perhaps some time later it will change.


out of curiosity: is this a consequence of seafile gmbh trying to steal your product?

Just FYI
I get a BSOD with the 14955 Build of Win10 immediately when I choose a drive letter.

Does this problem persists or just one-time issue? It should be some bug in the Dokan driver. If it doesn’t persist we can investigate it when we have the chance.

It is persistent. Win10 even started the automatic rollback to the previous version because of the crashes.
You cannot use Seafile Drive on the Win10 preview build 14955 at the moment.

Installed v 0.3.1 on win7 sp1, and not all libraries are listed. It seems as if only libraries created after protocol version 7 or repo version 1 get listed. Seafile sync client can access all libraries.

Yes it’s the expected behavior. It’s hard to make the new client compatible with old protocols. There is a tool on the old forum for converting old libraries to new ones.