Seafile Drive client 0.6 is ready! Improved file and folder sync status overlay icons and sync error notifications

We’re excited to announce the release of Drive client 0.6 version. In this version we added two long awaited improvements: file and folder sync status overlay icons; and sync error notifications. Some syncing bugs are also fixed to make this version more reliable.

Check our blog for details:


Great job just one thing… it dosen`t show any icons as on your webpage ( synced, cached, locked etc. ) Maybe someone can help? :slight_smile: P.S. Its synced as well

I think the sync icons would appear if you restart your computer (you can also simply kill & restart explorer.exe process in the task manager if you know how to do it).

Done it this morning. Now it only shows the icons for the ones that are Cloud Only or Locked. Nothing else … :frowning:

Do you have other applications install that use overlay icons like the Seafile Client or Dropbox, …?

This might cause the problem

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Ive got ownCloude ( similar to Dropbox ) and oneDrive. Ill try without them on and see what it does.

I think Windows can only display 15 different overlay icons.
You can view them in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers . If there are more then 15 entries, deinstall the according application and delete the entries in the registry. After rebooting the new overlays should be visible


Looks like youre right. Ive got over 15, but oneDrive is taking 5 and I dont even use that one and I cant remove them… uninstalled oneDrive but still has overlays in there.

I`ll try on a different computer as well. Thank you, Jack!

PS: Uninstalled everything else and it looks like its working fine now. Thank you, again… :smiley:

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