Seafile drive client methdology

Hi Everyone. I’m new user of seafile. After reading the official explanation of seafile drive client.
I still have few question about it.

  1. If i set up the cache limit to 5 GB, then i open a 10 GB file through the drive client. Will the limit affect this file?
  2. If the drive client disconnected, will the local cache still store on the local disk or will be deleted immediately.
  3. Can i set the local cache limit to 0?


  1. You can still cache the 10GB file. But after 10 minutes, it will be removed by the cache cleaning. If you expect to have very large files, you’d better raise your cache limit.
  2. You can choose to clean the cache if you remove or logout of your account.
  3. It’s not possible to set it to 0 for now.

Sorry, but why is that? Wouldn’t it be better to not clean parts of the cache in use? Also it looks like an even more sophisticated cache management is needed to make SeaDrive run smooth.

Thanks for reply.
Where can i set the local cache automatically clean up when i logout the client?
Also, you mean the 10 GB file will be cleaned. If the file is using, it will be still deleted by cache cleaning? or it will only clean up those unuse file after 10 minutes?

@Jonathan I’m wondering if the cache stores the blocks for that file or the files already converted

You don’t need to set it. A pop-up dialog would allow you to choose.

It won’t be deleted if it’s currently in use.