Seafile Drive for Fedora

Hi Guys, I do have a question around Seafile Drive for Fedora.
So far I couldn’t find any tutorial how to use the Seafile Drive there, is it possible on the actual stage?


I don’t think it is possibly so far but would highly appreciate it as well.

Am I understanding you right that you want to use the Seafile Drive client on Fedora? The problem is that the Drive client is not Open Source software and there are only prebuilt versions for Debian based distros. So I think the only possibilites are that

  • the developers release a “generic linux” zip file
  • the developers make a package for Fedora
  • the Drive client will be released as Open Source

Yes exactly I like to run the Seafile Drive client, and yes I can see that the official download is for Debian only. What a pitty that developer are not offering a Fedora version yet.

Since this is now being used as the file sharing solution in our organisation, and I am a Fedora user, I would really like to see the Sea Drive client packaged for Fedora (and for OSX for my Mac-using colleagues).

Any time line or plans on that?

We have a dedicated SeaDrive package for Fedora now. Please refer to another topic SeaDrive 0.8.5 and Fedora 28 for the latest updates.