Seafile Drive not loading under MacOS Sonoma 14.0

Hi everyone!

I am using the SeaDrive with my Your Secure Cloud - Login. Everything is fine so far… Today I updated my MacOS to Sonoma 14.0 - the client can not started. The problem:

“Failed to initialize: failed to install kernel driver”

I checked all security preferences. What can I do? The root permission is on low security with both checks and I allow apps from third sources. But no result.

Please help me. I need the Drive.

Thank you!

Im having the same issue too.

Hi Both,

Have you tried re-installing the Drive Client/Seafile application since updating?

Apple has a habit of messing around with root files and kernels during updates which can cause issues with installations.

Kind regards,

Hi there. Now everthing is fine. I deleted all applications and re-installed it with the newest version - first die application from yoursecurecloud and afterwards the SeaDrive-Client.

It works now!