Seafile Drive version confusion (seadrive Linux)

While suddenly having some disconnect issues with my drive client, I noted that

  1. the Debian/Ubuntu (focal) package seadrive-daemon has version 2.0.22 but identifies as 2.0.16 on the command line (seadrive --version)
  2. the latest SeaDrive GUI version tag GitHub is v2.0.26, but the latest package version is seadrive-gui 2.0.22
  3. None of the mentioned GitHub repos have an issue tracker to report issues

Frankly, it is hard to find out which version of what I’m actually running and trace it back to the source code. Does anyone have more insight?

The latest version of SeaDrive linux is 2.0.22. It’s not updated for a while since there is no new features added to Linux version. The output of seadrive --version may have not been updated. This could be a packaging issue.

thanks for the clarification, @Jonathan. Would be great, if you could track this by a ticket for us to see.