Seafile folder missing under My Computer (Windows)

I had a problem with the latest Seafile 6.02 client so I uninstalled it and rolled back to 6.01. Since I had to “uninstall” it, I lost my Seafile folder for my sync folder that was listed under My Computer in Windows7. How do I get that back?

Anyone? How do I get that initial system folder showing up again?

I don’t quite catch your problem. You should be able to resync those folders from the Seafile server to your local PC, right?

They are sync’ed, but when I first installed the Seafile client, it created the “My Libary” as a nice orange icon shortcut within My Computer. Since I had to uninstall 6.02 to to back to 6.01, that is now gone. Everything else is fine.

I can confirm your problem. Actually, the issue is not limited to version 6.0.x but also 5.0 version. It seems the icon will disappear ‘forever’ if the Seafile is uninstalled once. Any later reinstallation won’t bring it back. Look like because the uninstallation is not clean. Unfortunately, I haven’t come up with a solution yet.

Hello, I found the cause.

The “My Library” icon will appear only if you sync the Default library in your account.
To make it appear, first perform a clean uninstallation, including removing your account information.
Then reinstall the client, after the first login, it will prompt to ask you whether to sync the default library. Choose yes.

After syncing the default library, the “My Library” icon should appear. At least it works for me.

Yes, that fixed it. Thank you!

It appears this doesn’t work anymore with the newer versions. I have uninstalled, deleted all remnants and reinstalled and the folder shortcut does not return.

Anyone? I can’t seem to get it back no matter what I do.

Create the shortcut yourself and set the used .ico file. Solved.:wink:

I think it’s a special kind of icon that gets installed under My Computer. I can’t seem to recreate it in the same vein.