Seafile-fsck - old storage folder export


I am now running seafile from a docker container but I still have an old configuration of seafile which I’d like to export the files from so I can take a look at those.

Where can I find just the file and if I have that file, does it work straight out of the box in any random folder containing seafile storage?

Or do I need a whole seafile setup installed first to make it work?

Any thoughts? is located in the seafile-server-latest directory which should be a symlink to the current version directory on the same level.

I’ve never tried to run the script without installation but i guess you can give it a try.

Do you have a github link to where I can find the file somewhere? I can no longer find it the way it used to be back in the days. Now since I have to build the whole seafile setup.

Unfortunately no. But the folder hierarchy hasn’t changed in years AFAICT.