Seafile Future and way to go

Hi Guys, I’m bit confused around the future of Seafile. What’s going on here, when checking the blog I can’t see that many effort after May 2017 and now we are in October. Are there still some organizational changes or what exactly is the reason for that silence? best regards seafilefish

Hi there,

first of all i’m not part of the Team…
What silence do you mean exactly?
If you take a look at Haiwen@GitHub the Project is currently much more alive then it (ever?) was before. Also the Forum is having quite a great amount of Feedback, testing, questions, issues of course…
The only thing that i recognized is the handling of issues and that there are many minor issues that the community has to resolve on it’s own but i might just don’t get the complexitiy behind this because the devs here are alot more expierienced then i could ever wish for(at least for now :p). Everyone who’s into developing just a pinch proably knows that there always could be issues with depencies like django, ffmpeg(currently for e.g), distros differencies and such things.

Since 6.1 the steps we’re taking are getting larger and larger in my opinion.
Anyway even that there are some remaining problems i’m still in love with the Project and want to help wherever i could :3

Well I mean I use Seafile also for a while and it’s really a good solution. But what makes me bit curious, when nothing happen in the blog area. Normally companies are using that area to communicate new features around there product/solution. I really hope they will stay for a long time. br seafilefish

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Ah alright I get what you mean.
I presume the internal Blog is only updated on major releases and yeah…“big news” and acts like the publishing space for press releases.
We as the Administrators/Developers/Users should stick to the active development areas for getting updates.
That’s where the magic happens :smiley:

I think they’ve just too much work to do and no time left for blog posts (i know this needs time, that you sometimes don’t have).