Seafile import issue


on pro 7.0.13.

I have a lot of files (17Go) to import
I use

./ -p /nfs/upload/MAD/ -n Z-Depot-MAD -u user

Everything is imported, the libray is created and filled and i can see top folders on it.

But when i click on one of the top folder nothing is displayed and i get an error

on seahub.log

2020-04-21 18:46:58,703 [ERROR] seahub.api2.endpoints.dir:313 get bad dir id

If i check the library, on get

fsck.c(599): Running fsck for repo e6348f81-dc30-450d-8a35-3f38d41e2ed3.
[04/21/20 18:55:20] fsck.c(425): Checking file system integrity of repo Z-Depot-MAD(e6348f81)...
./ : ligne 46 : 17266 Erreur de segmentation  LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$SEAFILE_LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${seaf_fsck} -c "${default_ccnet_conf_dir}" -d "${seafile_data_dir}" -F "${default_conf_dir}" ${seaf_fsck_opts}
seaf-fsck run done

The library can not be repaired.

Do anyone have ever seen that ?

The files were extracted from a ZIP file of 16 Go using unzip
They were certainly corrupted.
using 7zip for linux solved the issue.
After import, everything was fine into seafile