Seafile information in case of path length limitations in windows

As I already understood, the limitation of path length basicly is not a seafile issue, but a windows issue: The designed behaviour of seafile is that it communicates also path lengths with more than 255 signs, but the question if files are really written to the local disc, or not (so that the folder is shown, but without the file in it) depends on the OS.
As some of my seafile using coworkers (windows) told me, they didn’t get any information about a file which is not written to the local disc by windows so that they think seafile just hadn’t synchronized the “missing files” even if it is not seafile’s fault.
The idea: Would it be possible to implement an active information in the seafile client which informs the user if a file cannot be written to the disc because the OS doesn’t let it write the file to the local disc? Or ist this maybe already possible?
Thank you very much!