Seafile install windows 8

Hi everyone, I’m just trying to install Seafile, but I think something is missing.
Maybe I didn’t understand.
I’m using windows 8 an I’ve installed and I’ve installed seadrive and seafile, but when arriving to “Add an account” window, it doesn’t work.
Thank you for your advice.

Hi Ezig,
welcome to the Seafile Community Forum.

Can you be a little more specific? What does not work?

Have you installed your own Seafile server or do you want to connect to a Seafile server hosted by a hosting partner?


Hi Ralf,

Thank you for your answer, I feel so silly.
I think there is something that I don’t understand and it’s certainly something very obvious…
Let’s try :

  1. My own Sealife server… My own server would be a server that I have physically at home ?
    I don’t have one.

  2. Where I find a seafile server hosted by a partner ?

Thank you again for your answer. I feel a little lost.


Hi Ezig,
Seafile is a server software. You have to install it on your own server - either at home or in a data center like a vserver - or someone has to run it for you.
You can install Seafile on pretty much every Linux server. Follow the instructions on
There are quite some Seafile hosting partners: From the top of my head, I know Luckycloud, Your Secure Cloud, oCloud, Witcom (all in Germany) and Metanet (Switzerland).
Good luck.

Hi Ralf,

Thank you so much for all this information. I’ll check all and find my server.

So if I understood, Seafile is like FileZilla ?

Kind regards,

Hi Ezig,

no, you are wrong.

Please have a look at Seafile’s homepage. The subtitle at says what it is. Alternatively, have a look at Seafile’s Wikipedia page.


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