Seafile iPhone App Sync Problem

I have Seafile running on Raspberry pi using Nginx webserver, have been experiencing sync problem on iPhone app. I have a file “file.txt”, when sync problem happened, many times I saw two files on iPhone client, one “file.txt” (modified), one “file.txt” (waiting to upload). and I login on windows, could not see the change I made to the file through iPhone app.

For testing purpose, I opened the file.txt on iPhone app to edit it make change, I made one change and save, and repeat the change and save 4 times in 4 minutes. Then I open the file in Windows browser, I can only see the first change I made on iPhone, other change could not sync to the server. ( I tried using different browser in Windows to ensure it’s not browser cache problem. ). On the iPhone app, the file list shows "file.txt modified “. I was guessing the Seafile iPhone app cache issue, so I wiped the Seafile cache several time, then I saw the file shows " file.txt 0 B, modified”, I opened the file on iPhone but it’s just blank. Then I restarted the Seafile app on iPhone, opened the file.txt, now the content came back, but only showed the first change I made, other 4 changes lost. Sometime I reboot the iPhone could make the problematic file sync to server.

I sometimes also saw two identical files after modification. One is the original, and the other is the modification and waiting for upload. Typically, I will force to refresh this page (by pulling this page down and release). After that, the modified file will be uploaded to the server.

I did try the force refresh as you mentioned in iPhone app, on my Phone this way still could not make it sync to the server. From what I tested yesterday evening, I found I force quit the app and restart the app then refresh, by doing this quit and rerun the app for 3-4 times, then the sync can be completed. Once the sync is actually done, the file list will not have “modified” show up. I also tested made several changes using PC browser, all changes made through computer got sync to server without problem and I can see all the changes on my iPhone.

We will look into the problem.

Thank you, Daniel.