Seafile libreoffice document preview not working


Cant seem to figure this one out, the error is there but i cannot seem to make sense of it, this is seafile 6.0.9 Pro

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Input file: /tmp/tmpO8nZaI.xlsx
unoconv: UnoException during export phase:
Unable to store document to file:///tmp/seafile-office-output/html/2b0a56f20b0801d9280576a4a1ec056b3c4de8fb/index.html (ErrCode 3088)

Properties: (({ Name = (string)"FilterName", Handle = (long)0x0, Value = (any){ (string)"HTML (StarCalc)" }, State = ( }, ({ Name = (string)"OutputStream", Handle = (long)0x0, Value = (any){ ({, supportedInterfaces={,}} }, State = ( }, ({ Name = (string)"Overwrite", Handle = (long)0x0, Value = (any){ (boolean)true }, State = ( })
Using office base path: /usr/lib/libreoffice
Using office binary path: /usr/lib/libreoffice/program
Selected output format: HTML Document ( Calc) [.html]
Selected office filter: HTML (StarCalc)
Used doctype: spreadsheet

[2017-04-07 14:43:56,207] [WARNING] failed to convert <type: xlsx, id: 2b0a56f20b0801d9280576a4a1ec056b3c4de8fb> from excel to html
[2017-04-07 14:43:56,207] [DEBUG] removing temporary document /tmp/tmpO8nZaI.xlsx

Figured the issue out,

completely removed libreoffice, reinstalled, deleted folder under $home/.config/libreoffice and rebooted… worked fine after that for anyone that runs into this issue.

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