Seafile + LibreOffice online

Hi everybody!
I’ve read on this article posted last march, that Seafile and Collabora were …well…collaborating to deliver LibreOffice online with Seafile.
Any news on that?
I like seafile a lot, but I need an office suite to edit documents online.
If I install LibreOffice online beside Seafile, do any of you know if it can reach the files trough WebDAV? What if the library is encrypted?

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As you can see here: the Libreoffice cloud suit integration will be available very soon (as soon as the pro version 6 is released).

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Hi Marcus and thanks for pointing me there.
Any info about LibreOffice being available for the free version? OwnCloud already has it.

It will be available in version 6.0 with pro edition. In a later version, we will move the feature to community edition.

Encrypted libraries will not be supported.


Encrypted Libraries will “never” be supported or just not yet? Thanks in advance.

Encrypted libraries will be supported in the future.