Seafile link with collabora online problem

Hi Seafile team,
In past few days, i just got a problem with connection between Seafile and collabora office.

Collabora was deployed on docker and following is the process of verifying success.

And then i followed manual to edit configuration and restart server.

Unfortunately, the connection between Seafile and collabora are not successful because of unknown reasons.
There is debug information of document view web page:

So personally i guess this problem happened with this error page but i don’t know how to fix it out.

Hope someone can give me some suggestion to solve this problem.

Akide Liu

There is the information found from seahub.log

2018-07-31 20:15:31,557 [ERROR] seahub.wopi.views:83 _decorated access_token invalid.
2018-07-31 20:19:44,511 [ERROR] seahub.wopi.views:83 _decorated access_token invalid.