Seafile: migrating to encrypted backend

Hey. I tried to follow
But it seems to be outdated. I couldn’t find folder called seafile-data etc. Does anyone have simple instructions? Thanks. And it’s latest seafile pro server

I’ve just tested this with the latest Pro edition. The manual may be a little off. Instead of being in “seafile-server-latest” you should be in the root of the seafile installation.
####cd seafile-server-latest*
(my install “/opt/seafile”)
cp -r conf conf-enc
mkdir seafile-data-enc
cp -r seafile-data/library-template seafile-data-enc
– If you use SQLite database
cp seafile-data/seafile.db seafile-data-enc/

The seafile-data and conf directories are located in the root of the installation, not in “seafile-server-latest”, so that’s why I stayed there.

TBH, I’m not sure exactly what this feature does. I’ve not noticed any difference in file names/structure/permissions, but I could have done something wrong with my setup or am missing something about the encryption.

Thanks. I’ll try that.