Seafile not syncing TO a source

I’ve setup seafile on a terminal server so my users can sync their Files TO a central server store.

However it seems if the SOURCE is seafile, and the DESTINATION is a windows based storage, seafile doesn not sync.
This is what my setup is

Laptop with local storage syncs files from c:\users\username\desktop* with Seafile so files are replicated TO the seafile server storage (so the users files backed-UP in a safe place).

However if the same user with seafile in their Terminal server account logges on and wants to replicate FROM seafile to c:\users\username\desktop\ on the terminal server (which is actualy no more or less then another seafile source/destination), seafile doesn’t pick up new files and folders in the seafile account.
However, the FILES ARE on the seafile server and CAN be accessed through the seafile webinterface.

I allso noticed I LOSE files because seafile doesn’t see the difference between new files, or files that should be deleted (however i can nog yet replicate the situation), so seafile does not allways know what the source and destination is.
It would be helpful, if i could override with a setting in the seafile client what the source and what the destination is (just like in good old synctoy from microsoft).

If you try to log in as user in terminal which have problem with this and try to run seaf-cli status what is output?