Seafile on Arm - various questions

Warning Newbie ahead.

Hi all. Docker is up and going on my Arm SBC. It is an old but venerable Pine64 - armV8 I believe. I have googled, and worked hard to get Seafile running in docker - but to no avail. Re architecture, is the document “Deploy Seafile with Docker” suitable for arm? It makes no reference to architecture. I attempted to install this but cannot access the Seafile container in a browser.

An earlier attempt involved searching for arm and arm64 in Docker Hub. Seafile made quite a few hits. Some recent packages like hanwckf/seafile are recent software. But I lack the necessary configuration experience to access the container. I have downloaded and installed the package at least. Mostly I find logs telling me something is missing, or permissions are incorrect.

I am new to docker-compose. Is this the best way for newbies to get seafile working in arm?
Your suggestions and ideas are welcome.

Your experience with docker-seafile configuration would be of great interest. But some hand-holding may be necessary.

Hi brm,

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There has been some discussion regarding docker on arm before, have a look here: Working Docker Image for Arm64?.
On my Github Repo I outlined my docker setup for seafile on a Rock64 SBC. Feel free to try it out for yourself, if needed I can give some assistance.

Concerning docker compose, personally I find it very easy to use and wouldn’t use docker without it anymore. It enables you to save all the docker container configuration inside a single file.

Kind Regards

Regarding your other questions: the document in the official manual is not suitable for ARM, there is no official support for ARM.

Furthermore, I have no experience which other images from docker hub, but other’s mileages may vary :wink: